There are 3 options through which you can register online and get 5% EXTRA OFF. Please find below examples to understand the benefit of the offer:

Option-1: If you have not appeared in Admission-cum-Scholarship Test (ACST) yet:
Suppose you are going to Class-8, Class-9 or Class-10 in 2017-18 academic session and looking to join Coaching Classes for VIII, IX & X or to prepare for exams like NTSE/ Olympiads/ KVPY in 2017-18 academic session and still haven’t registered for Aakash ACST test.
Then, pre-book your seat by paying `1000 online to avail 5% EXTRA OFF. Also, register online for the next ACST to write the test as per schedule. Wait for the ACST test result.

Now, what will be your total scholarship after ACST result? Suppose:
1. Your ACST scholarship : 25%
2. Others category scholarship : 10%
Eligible scholarship will be : (A) + (B) = 35%
3. 5% EXTRA OFF on online Pre-Booking
Then, your Total-Scholarship will be: (A) + (B) + (C) = 35% + 5% Extra OFF